Mirfield Town Council puts an amount of money aside in their budget each year for use by Community Groups and organisations in the town.

Funding applications must clearly be of benefit to the people of Mirfield and funds used soley for Mirfield.

What will not be funded:

  • Organisations or activities that support party political aims
  • Grant aid to individuals, unless the application is sponsored by a Communtiy group for the purpose of cultural exchange
  • Expenditure incurred before a grant has been formally awarded
  • Organisations with significant free uncommitted reserves
  • Duplication of grant aid for activities already financed through other funding streams
  • Organisations that previously have received Mirfield Town Council grant aid but failed to adequately comply with grant conditions, unless evidence is sought and given that this will not re-occur.
  • Organisations that have already received a grant from the Council within the preceding 12 months. This excludes partnership funding. 
  • Any request for funding over and above £15,000

For more information or for an application form please follow the links below:

Grant Application Form

Grant Guidelines

Previous Successful Grants Include:

Mirfield Agricultural Show

Mirfield & District Round Table

Battyeford Boys FC

Trinity Methodist

Mirfield In Bloom

Mirfield Veterans Bowling Club

Hopton In Bloom

Heavy Woollen District Scouts

1st Mirfield Scout Group

Castle Hall Academy

9th Mirfield Trinity Scout Group

Hopton Mills Cricket Club

and many more.......

All Grant Applications together with required supporting documentation must be sent to the Clerk at mirfieldtowncouncil@gmail.com